Research News

​Clean plates much more common when we eat at home

02/14/18 – Less food goes to landfills when we eat at home. Read more.

Defending the Power Grid

02/14/18 – Electrical and computer engineering researchers examine ways to prevent cyber attacks. Read more.

Ohio State joins international coalition to accelerate local climate action

02/07/18 – Members have pledged to reduce their institutional carbon footprints. Read more.

Earth Sciences doctoral student studies effects of climate change in Antarctica

01/29/18 – PhD student in the School of Earth Sciences Melisa Diaz spent her winter break in Antarctica studying how ecosystems respond to changes in climate. Read more.

ECE student wins best research paper for a safer UV light

01/24/18 – An electrical and computer engineering (ECE) doctoral candidate at Ohio State is working to create a brighter, cleaner and more efficient future through advancements in ultra-violet (UV) light technology. Read more.

Ohio State named Big Ten Diversion Rate Champion for 6th straight season

01/24/18 – Ohio State tops Big Ten Conference in Game Day Recycling Challenge. Read more.

How climate change weakens coral ‘immune systems’

01/22/18 – Stress upsets the natural bacterial balance that keeps coral immune systems healthy. Read more.

Buckeye Pi: the most powerful student-built supercomputer made from Raspberry Pis

01/18/18 – The platform, which enables students to learn how to develop efficient, scalable computer code for research in the sciences, will fuel earth science research and public outreach. Read more.

Students announce 'Energy@OSU; a lecture series'

01/17/18 – ​Students on the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) sustainability committee at Ohio State are planning a lecture series about energy. Speakers at these events will discuss sustainability, innovation and the new energy projects popping up around Columbus and the university campus. Read more.

2018 Energy and Environment Student Scholarship Winners Announced!

01/17/18 – The Office of Energy and Environment is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017-2018 Energy and Environment Scholarships. Read more.

Materials Research Improves LED Technology

01/16/18 – New Associate Professor Hongping Zhao joins Ohio State experts working to increase LED efficiency and lower costs. Read more.

Ohio State graduate helps brew an environmentally friendly beer

01/11/18 – Alumnus Vincent Valentino, sustainability manager for Columbus-based Land-Grant Brewing Co., explains how the business aims to become the most sustainable brewery in Central Ohio. Read more.

Sustainability Successes 2017

01/10/18 – Two years after the establishment of university-wide sustainability goals, The Ohio State University continues to make progress toward meeting the pressing challenges of sustainability. Read more.

Finding a place for waste at Ohio Stadium

01/09/18 – ​In alignment with the university’s sustainability goals, Facilities Operations and Development continues to support Zero Waste efforts at Ohio Stadium. Read more.

​A fossil fuel technology that doesn’t pollute

01/02/18 – Engineers at The Ohio State University are developing technologies that have the potential to economically convert fossil fuels and biomass into useful products -- including electricity -- without emitting carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Read more.

Ohio State to Host Webinar Series to Advise on Whether Solar Panels are a Smart Investment

01/02/18 – Beginning January 18, a six-part series of webinars will inform participants about Photovoltaic (PV) panels that convert sunlight into electricity and are installed on a roof or placed on the ground. Read more.

Philosophy, Humanities and Environmental Justice Join to Further Sustainability

12/27/17 – In Corey Katz’s studies of the philosophy of human rights and justice, he examines why solutions to pressing problem of environmental sustainability have moral implications for future generations. Read more.

Scientists seek diagnostic tool for harmful algal blooms

12/19/17 – Identifying high-risk waterways early could circumvent crises later. Read more.

Ohio State Offers 3 New Free Online Courses on Environmental Science

12/13/17 – Anyone with access to the Internet, any time, anywhere, can take a series of free online introductory courses in environmental science at The Ohio State University. Read more.

Prabir Dutta named 2017 Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors

12/13/17 – ​Prabir Dutta, Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, has been named a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors. Read more.