Research News

October Marks Ohio State’s Celebration of Research Month

09/18/12 – October is Ohio State’s Celebration of Research month, an annual celebration of the depth and breadth of research at the university. Read more.

“High Energy” TV Spot Highlights Ohio State Energy Research

09/06/12 – At Ohio State, "fuel efficiency" isn't just a trendy phrase. Read more.

New Network Joins Students Supporting Energy, Sustainability Issues

09/04/12 – The Office of Energy and Environment has established the Sustainable University Network, or SUN for short, to connect students interested in energy, the environment and/or sustainability. Read more.

Ohio State Agricultural Expert Favors Ethanol Waiver to Avert Global Crisis

08/31/12 – With the United States facing its worst drought in more than 50 years, the work of Ohio State University professor Rattan Lal is gaining extra attention. Read more.

White House Environmental Quality Official at Ohio State 8/29

08/27/12 – Gary S. Guzy, Deputy Director of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, will lead a roundtable discussion and answer students’ questions on the opportunities and challenges stemming from advances in fuels, the auto industry recovery, and fuel efficiency standards. Read more.

State Development Office Offers Funding for Clean Coal Research and Development

08/26/12 – The Ohio Department of Development's Ohio Coal Development Office (OCDO) has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) focused on the clean use of Ohio coals. Read more.

Ohio State Bike Launch Party Set for Monday Aug. 27

08/23/12 – Bike OSU will host its 2012 Launch Party from 6 to 9 p.m. Monday (8/27) at the Ohio Union West Plaza. Read more.

Ecologist: Algae Genetically Engineered for Biofuel Pose Potential Risks That Should Be Studied

08/21/12 – Algae are high on the genetic engineering agenda as a potential source for biofuel, and they should be subjected to independent studies of any environmental risks that could be linked to cultivating algae for this purpose, two prominent researchers say. Read more.

Olentangy River Restoration Begins

08/14/12 – The city of Columbus project to restore the Olentangy River began this week with preparations to remove small sections of the Fifth Avenue dam. Read more.

2013 Ohio State Clean Energy Student Challenge

08/13/12 – The Office of Energy and Environment is partnering with the Fisher College of Business Center for Entrepreneurship and the Technology Commercialization and Knowledge Transfer Office to create a new business plan competition track for students interested in developing clean energy technology. Read more.

GM Partners with Ohio State Professors to Improve Fuel Economy

08/07/12 – The U.S. Department of Energy has provided funding for two Ohio State professors to help General Motors Corp. improve the manufacturing of automotive components. Read more.

GM partners with Ohio State Professors to Improve Fuel Economy

08/07/12 – Jerald Brevick and Glenn Daehn will work with General Motors and Meridian Lightweight Technologies to further develop the high-pressure casting process for manufacturing automotive structural parts, with the initial focus on car doors. Read more.

Touchstone Algae Research Project Could Reduce Carbon Emissions, Make Biofuel

07/31/12 – At first glance, the work being done at the algae research farm in Wayne County might seem a bit confusing. Read more.

Ohio State Offers New Sustainability Major

07/30/12 – The Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability (EEDS) major is a multi-disciplinary degree program that focuses on the human dimensions of sustainability. Read more.

GPS Network Allows Measurement of Greenland Short-term Ice Melt, Changes

07/30/12 – Researchers have found a way to use GPS to measure short-term changes in the rate of ice loss on Greenland -- and reveal a surprising link between the ice and the atmosphere above it. Read more.

Ohio State Buckeye Electric Motorcycle Sets Speed Record

07/16/12 – The Buckeye Electric Motorcycle Race Team has set a speed record for electric motorcycles, clocking in at 144.352 mph. Read more.

Ohio State’s 400th Commencement Diverts 82.6% of Materials from the Landfill

07/13/12 – Ohio State’s Spring 2012 commencement ceremony achieved an 82.6% diversion rate, the highest diversion ever achieved at Ohio Stadium. Read more.

Ohio State Researchers One Step Closer to New Kind of Thermoelectric “Heat Engine”

07/11/12 – Researchers who are studying a new magnetic effect that converts heat to electricity have discovered how to amplify it a thousand times over - a first step in making the technology more practical. Read more.

Temperature Rising; A Climate Scientist Battles Time and Mortality

07/06/12 – One day in 1991, high in the thin, crystalline air of the Peruvian Andes, Lonnie G. Thompson saw that the world’s largest tropical ice cap was starting to melt. Read more.

Engineering Professor Honored for Sustainability Work

06/27/12 – The American Institute of Chemical Engineers presented Bhavik Bakshi with the Research Excellence in Sustainable Engineering Award for his innovative research in sustainability. Read more.