Research News

Ohio State Professor Wins Distinguished Scholar Award

04/06/17 – Claudia Turro is a pioneer in designing new molecules that can be activated with light. She has discovered new materials that are able to efficiently generate hydrogen—a clean fuel—from water. Read more.

Ohio State CNG Fueling Station Now Open

04/04/17 – Ohio State’s new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station has officially opened. The university initially broke ground on the station – the first of its kind for an Ohio university - in July 2016. Read more.

Some of Greenland’s coastal ice will be permanently lost by 2100

04/04/17 – A recent study finds that glaciers and ice caps can no longer capture meltwater. Read more.

Carbon capture technology moves toward power plant integration

04/04/17 – Ohio State receives $7.5 million to advance technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from coal power plants. Read more.

Energy partnership to support Ohio State’s sustainability and academic mission

04/03/17 – At the April 7 Board of Trustees meeting, The Ohio State University will consider a public-private partnership to become an international leader in sustainability and provide new resources to advance teaching, learning and research. Read more.

Forests fight global warming in ways more important than previously understood

03/28/17 – New study finds trees’ role extends beyond carbon consumption. Read more.

Survey: Slashing EPA Won't Improve U.S. Economy

03/28/17 – Results from a survey of members of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (AERE) found that 80 percent disagree that reducing the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulatory power will improve the U.S. economy. Read more.

Hydrogen fuel cell bus makes maiden voyage on campus

03/28/17 – The bus is part of a yearlong experiment to research green technology. Read more.

REI's Sustainability Chief to Speak at Ohio State

03/21/17 – Vik Sahney, vice president for sustainability for Seattle-based REI, will present "From Summits to Sustainability: Reaching for High Places, Personally and Professionally” at 7 p.m. on April 12 in the Archie M. Griffin Grand Ballroom of Ohio State's Ohio Union. Read more.

Buckeyes Saving Energy at the Schottenstein Center

03/13/17 – The Schottenstein Center has flipped the switch toward LED lighting in the practice gyms and the main arena bowl. Read more.

American Chemical Society Honors Umit Ozkan for Energy Research

03/13/17 – The engineering professor received the Henry H. Storch Award, given annually to an individual who has made distinguished contributions to fundamental or engineering research on the chemistry and utilization of hydrocarbon fuels. Read more.

ECE team wins $3 million to advance infrared detector technologies at Ohio State

03/07/17 – A potential $3 million in new grant funding could help make The Ohio State University a worldwide leader in next-generation infrared detector technologies. Read more.

Ohio State and New Albany Schools Continue Plans for Solar House Partnership

03/07/17 – ​This fall, a solar house built by Ohio State students will function as an interactive laboratory for New Albany-Plain Local Schools. Read more.

Turning food waste into tires

03/06/17 – Researchers at The Ohio State University have discovered that food waste can partially replace the petroleum-based filler that has been used in manufacturing tires for more than a century. In tests, rubber made with the new fillers exceeds industrial standards for performance, which may ultimately open up new applications for rubber. Read more.

Ohio State Project Leverages Institutional Food Purchasing to Help Disadvantaged Families, Improve Nutrition in Columbus

02/28/17 – $750,000 grant from W.K. Kellogg Foundation will help develop network of small-scale growers who could sell produce to Ohio State and other local institutions. Read more.

Cornish to Advise Federal Initiative on Bioenergy Research and Development

02/27/17 – The initiative's task is to find new ways to refine various types of feedstocks and crops into next-generation biofuels or bio-based chemicals and products. Read more.

Ohio State Receives 6th Tree Campus USA Recognition

02/21/17 – The award will be announced on campus at the April 21 Arbor Day Celebration at Chadwick Arboretum. Read more.

​Translational Data Analytics announces spring 2017 seed grant

02/21/17 – ​Translational Data Analytics is seeking proposals from teams that wish to form new, interdisciplinary teams to generate preliminary study concepts, technologies, data and results encompassing data analytics. Read more.

Wastewater May Not Be a Waste After All

02/20/17 – Powering water treatment plants with wastewater itself may seem far fetched, but this technology is on the horizon. Researchers, both globally and at Ohio State, are attempting to use microorganisms in wastewater to power treatment plants. Read more.

International Trade Plans May Lead to Recession

02/20/17 – ​If the Trump Administration follows through on international trade plans, the United States would see increased unemployment and a recession, according to an agricultural economist at The Ohio State University. Read more.