Ohio State Energy in the News

Ask the Expert: How is “fracking” a game changer?


May 1, 2013

Since the turn of the 21st century, natural gas exploration and development have been revolutionized thanks to a pair of technological advances: Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling.

Featured expert: Jeff Daniels, professor of geography and head of the Subsurface Energy Resource Center.

Battery-powered Buckeye Bullet aiming for land speed record

Fox News

April 30, 2013

Ohio State University has a need for speed, but keeps it clean.

A team from OSU’s Center for Automotive Research is planning to break the world land speed record for electric vehicles next year with a streamlined car known as the VBB-3, or Venturi Buckeye Bullet 3.

Stone Lab's Greene joins sea program

Port Clinton News Herald

April 30, 2013

Stone Lab Education Associate Angela Greene has been selected as one of 28 teachers from across the United States who will participate in the 2013 Teacher at Sea program. Sponsored by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, the program allows kindergarten through college-level teachers to sail on a NOAA ship, where they work directly with on-board scientists and crew before taking their experience back to the classroom.

Time for Ohio to modernize drilling tax

The Lima News

April 30, 2013

The oil boom that transformed Lima and its region more than a century ago is mirrored today in Ohio communities less than 200 miles to the east. New technologies for finding and extracting natural gas and crude oil from deep shale deposits have made much of eastern Ohio ground zero for the largest national energy boom in decades.

Featured expert: Mark Partridge, professor of agriculture, environmental and development economics

Ohio State students’ old stuff prepared for new life

Programs help cut costs for next year’s students, aid charity

Columbus Dispatch

April 29, 2013

The bin-filling has commenced at Ohio State University and is certain to pick up the closer it gets to Wednesday, when students must clear out of their dorms.

Ford hoping to tap thirst for fuel efficiency with phone app contest

Los Angeles Times

April 25, 2013

Ford Motor Co. will offer a $25,000 first prize for whoever makes the best phone app for fuel efficiency.
Featured expert: Matt Lewis, professor of economics

EPA Announces U.S. Organizations Using the Most Green Power

Today’s Energy Solutions

April 24, 2013

Officials at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Green Power Partnership released an updated list of the Top 50 organizations that are choosing to use electricity from clean, renewable sources. Among the partners with the longest-running contracts are the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, the Ohio State University, Iowa State University, and the University of Maryland. Of the 47 partners appearing on the list, 15 are higher education institutions.

Redesigned Material Could Lead to Lighter, Faster Electronics

NASA Tech Briefs

April 24, 2013

The same material that formed the first primitive transistors more than 60 years ago can be modified in a new way to advance future electronics, according to a new study.

Featured expert: Joshua Goldberger, assistant professor of chemistry at The Ohio State University

Recycling program keeps boaters’ shrink wrap at work

Toledo Blade

April 23, 2013

As the outdoors around us goes green and snaps out of its prolonged winter slumber, the shrink wrap is coming off thousands of boats to begin the process of readying those craft for a summer on Lake Erie. … But about eight years ago, Ohio Sea Grant helped develop a campaign through the Ohio Clean Marinas Program to begin collecting this shrink-wrap material and recycling it, keeping it out of the marina trash containers and, ultimately, out of the landfills.

Electric Car Aims for 400 mph


April 22, 2013

Ohio State University is aiming for 400 mph from a student-designed and built electric car.


Toronto Star: Electric car aims to crack 700km/h speed record

ASME: Bullet over Bonneville

Extremes in weather more likely

The Columbus Dispatch

April 18, 2013

Wet springs. Hot summers. Weird windstorms. Heavy snows.Weather experts and climatologists say people nationwide should not be surprised by more-extreme weather and warmer weather.

Featured expert: Jeff Rogers, professor of geography and state climatologist

Ohio State researchers search for most effective biofuel source

Daily Reporter


For more than a decade everything from corn and soybeans to switchgrass and algae has been examined and tested as potential or widespread sources of biofuel. But still the quest to find an ideal, efficient source for biofuel in Ohio continues.

Ohio’s $500 Billion Oil Dream Fades as Utica Turns Gassy


April 16, 2013

Featured expert: Jeff Daniels, professor of geography and head of the Subsurface Energy Resource Center.

Funding for water quality initiatives is essential

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation

April 11, 2013

It is well documented that farm nutrients, both commercial fertilizers and manure, are contributing to phosphorus loading in Lake Erie, Grand Lake St. Marys, other Ohio waters and even downstream to the Gulf of Mexico.

Ohio State wins sustainability championship

April 10, 2013

The Lantern

While the Ohio State men’s basketball team was competing in the NCAA Tournament, other members of the university community were working toward a different championship title. OSU was crowned the winner of the second annual Environmental March Madness Tournament early Tuesday, defeating other schools in the “Sustainable 16” after filing out initial surveys.

OSU students get up-close look at wind farm

Van Wert Times Bulletin

April 10, 2013

VAN WERT - Many local residents are quite familiar with the sight of wind turbines spread across the horizon, but a group of 72 Ohio State University students got their first look at a wind farm on Tuesday. The students rode buses from Columbus to Lincoln Ridge Farm, just outside of Convoy for a chance to see the turbines, ask questions, then tour the wind farm and see for themselves.

Shale energy development discussed

Weirton Daily Times

April 10, 2013

"All About Gas Wells" was a subject members of the GFWC/OFWC Wintersville Woman's Club got some insight on at their March 21 meeting when two Ohio State University Extension agents were the program presenters.

EcoCar 2 team close to putting it together

The Columbus Dispatch
April 6, 2013

Along and complicated automotive project is coming down to the little things, such as getting the trunk to open.

“We haven’t figured out why the actuator isn’t happy,” said Katherine Bovee, 25, a mechanical-engineering graduate student at Ohio State University.

Great Lakes wetlands may mitigate climate change

Great Lakes Echo

April 5, 2013

Featured expert: William Mitsch, professor at Ohio State University and director of the Everglades Wetland Research Park at Florida Gulf Coast University,

OSU climate researchers discover 1,800-year-old 'Rosetta stone' ice cores

Columbus Dispatch

April 4, 2013

Ice cores taken from a remote South American glacier are revealing a year-by-year tropical climate history over nearly two millennia.